Education in Honolulu

Our journey begins from preschool. That’s where we begin building our foundation until the 8th grade and advance to high school. We have a variety of schools to attend; you can either choose to attend public schools which are seventy eight in total or private schools which are forty eight in total. Our education system does not differ from other states we cover as much as they do. We have great teachers in Honolulu who are always there for each of us. They educate us, nurture and build our talents identified within us from a very young age. From the table below, you can identify and compare our student to teacher ratio from that of Hawaii and National. The student to teacher ratio in Honolulu for public schools is 19:1, which are 14.6% greater than the Hawaii student to teacher ratio and 16.3% than the national student to teacher ratio.

Index Honolulu Hawaii National
Student/Teacher ratio 19:1 16:1 16:1
Total public schools 78 229 79,480
Total private schools 48 107 24,959
Total post-secondary schools 30 47 7,979


Honolulu has a large number of students who annually complete their studies to the highest level of education more than in Hawaii and national. We have the best colleges and universities that major specifically in certain fields such as World Medicine Institute that deal with medicine, Hawaii Institute of Hair Design deals with hair art and many more. Our schools offer quality education, that produce well known graduates who help and become part of Honolulu living. Females in Honolulu also keep up with the males and we work hard as they do to complete our studies. We have female doctrines, which inspire us to achieve and better ourselves in every aspect.

index Honolulu Hawaii National
Completed 8th grade 87.5% 88.8% 83.4%
Completed high school 86.2% 87.8% 81.8%
Completed some college 62.4% 61.9% 57.5%
Completed associate degree 42.6% 39.4% 36.2%
Completed bachelors 33.8% 29.6% 28.5%
Completed masters 12.0% 10.0% 10.6%
Completed professional degree 4.4% 3.4% 3.2%
Completed doctorate 1.6% 1.2% 1.2%


Most of news anchors in Hawaii and Honolulu news stations graduate from our top media universities. The Honolulu Telegram is the islands mobile news and communication source. Education is the key to success,our education system has proved this motto right because of the success stories behind it.

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Education in Honolulu
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