Hawaii’s Center for Trade: Honolulu

Known as the Calm Port, Honolulu has been the capital since 1845. This city has been the most famous region in the Hawaiian territory. Aside from being the capital, it also is the region of commerce and trade. This is due to the strategic location of the city allowing access to various parts of the world especially in the Pacific Coast.

Other than being the center of the trade industry in Hawaii, Honolulu possesses a rich history. Originally, Honolulu was home to Polynesian migrants. This was considered after taking into account the Oral histories and artifacts found in the region. It was after the campaign of Kamehameha 1 that established the capital in Honolulu. After Conquering O’ahu in the battle of Nu’uanu, he moved his royal court from the kingdom of Hawaii to the city in Waikiki. Later on, his descendant Kamehameha the third transferred the capital from Maui to Honolulu. Years later, Honolulu suffered several tragedies. One of which is the coup d’état that took place on January 17, 1893. This was initiated in order to include Hawaii under the territory of the United States. Eventually, the movement succeeded in overthrowing the kingdom. This placed Hawaii under US jurisdiction.

One of the events that carved the history of Honolulu was the bombing of the Pearl Harbor. This happened on December 7, 1941. This was a preventive measure taken by Japan in order to prevent the US from meddling with their plans for Southeast Asia. These are the plans to attack US and UK territories such as Philippines, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Japanese forces launched the attack in two waves. This rendered all US navy battleships damage with 4 of them sunk. This delivered a fatal blow to the US forces. In total, the Japanese forces destroyed 188 US aircrafts, killed 2,403 and injured 1,178 Americans. This gave way to the US government to join World War 2.

Despite its gloomy past, Honolulu remained the center of trade for Hawaii. It places Hawaii in the map as it is the main entry point for any tourist who would like to visit Hawaii for a vacation.


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