Honolulu behind the scenes

With its tropical climates, white-sandy shores and azure pacific beaches, it is no miracle Honolulu is a much-loved vacation destination for many people. Almost every tourist remembers their stay in Honolulu because of the wonderful tropical beaches which offer sunbathing, surfing and so many other activities or Diamond Head, the volcanic crater with exclusive views. However, there’s more to Honolulu than the tourist attractions. Honolulu living is not that exciting as a local. However, that specific day had changed the way I looked at the world. Perhaps the incident wasn’t that important to be featured in the Honolulu news or Hawaii news, or maybe it was because it was really cute!

I have visited Manoa falls a numerous times. It’s a famous wet hiking trail that tourists really enjoy. This time I was accompanying a friendly German couple whom I had befriended at the local restaurant. As we were hiking up the trail, there was a couple behind us with a kid who was around four years old. The bridge we had to cross was a great viewpoint of the scenery around. Lush green trees, attractive wildflower and bamboo boulevards were all galore, waiting for our eyes to behold. I didn’t pay much attention to the kid until we reached the pool at the end of the hike. The pool was a bit crowded as it is a wonderful place to take a dip. There was a rebellious teenager who was pissed off at something, I was a bit curious of what the reason could be. He was so pissed off that he threw a stone high up in the air. His little outburst didn’t get rid of his anger but it did destroy a nest of birds with little new born birdies. The nest came crackling down and the little kid I mentioned before went running towards it. He managed to hold one falling bird but couldn’t save the other. He kept the bird down in a corner and started collecting twigs and leaves. In a few minutes he had built a nest and placed the little bird in it. He carried it in his palm and asked his dad to place it back in the branch. After that, the little boy went to bury the dead bird with a morose expression.

It might not be that worthy of praise, but it got me thinking that we all are born with love and passion to protect our mother nature, but it is our greed that changes us into selfish rocks. Since that day, I have realized my calling and that there is more to the world than our wants and needs. This series of Honolulu events might not be worthy of a slot in the Honolulu news or the Hawaii news, but it surely earned a slot in the news of my memories!


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