Honolulu Memories

One of the memories I have in living in Honolulu is when the Honolulu Festival happens every March. I have attended a lot of festivals, yet the Honolulu Festival in 2010 is, in my opinion, one of the most memorable.

The festival was founded as a bridge that connects Hawaii to the other Pacific countries. It was to promote relationship to the other neighboring countries like Japan. It is also one of the major events that happen in Hawaii every year.

At the first day of the festival, I saw streamers hanged across the streets, colorful banners as far as the eye could see and people looking excited for the most awaited event of the year. The festival started with the educational school tours at different historic places in the city. I learned a lot of the Hawaiian history and from other Pacific countries.

At the second day of the Honolulu festival, there were lots of choices on where to go to spend the day. I rode a bus to Honolulu Convention Center where they held a crafts fair. They taught the visitors there origami or the art of paper folding, making. I also saw a lot of beautiful paintings painted by the professional artists. When I have feasted my eyes of the unique paintings, I went to the Anime corner held at the same building. I met people who also likes Anime like me and saw drawings made by fans hanging on the walls. I identified some of my favorite anime characters that were cosplayed there. After that exhilarating but enjoying experience, I was famished so I went to the food corner where you can choose from different concession stands selling different foods from different cultures. I also brought food so I can walk while still eating. There also was a carnival at the convention center and they boasted a lot of attractions for the young and young at heart.

At Sunday, the last day of the festival, the awaited Grand Parade started at Kalakaua Avenue down to Waikiki. The parade consisted of students, adults and kids did their own performances in the street. The music of the bands and the smiles and dances of the performers were more than enough to say that this festival was a complete success. At night time, my favorite part of the festival, the fireworks show concluded the festival with a bang. An array of colors lightened the night sky and the colorful fireworks lasted for about 15 minutes. On the ride home, it made me think of how this 3-day event became one of the best memories I had here in Honolulu.


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