Pattern of employment in Honolulu in changing economic situation of USA.

Honolulu is the state capital of Hawaii. Honolulu has always been a part of Hawaii news. Being a tourist centre, it appeals more than millions of people every year. Honolulu events too play a crucial role in promoting tourism. Probably, the diverse nature of Honolulu events has to be the reason for its fame.   Obviously due to that fact, cost of living in Honolulu is considerably higher than the other parts of USA. Hence, it is time to look upon the correct job to live in Honolulu. As per latest Honolulu news, Honolulu’s employment rate of 3.4% is lower than the national unemployment rate. Our l latest Hawaii news and Honolulu news estimate more than $10 billion as revenue from tourism annually. To be honest, Honolulu has diverse workforce working in various department. As per the official site of Honolulu, more than 8,000 people work for the state department. As per the report of Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average hourly salary of an employee in the city of Honolulu is $22.2. Hence, Honolulu living is better than USA living itself. However, Honolulu living in certain occupations is lower than USA.

It is time to split the workforce by their occupation. This data is based on the latest Bureau of Labour Statistics report on the Employment, workforce and wages in the city of Honolulu. Honolulu is not a conventional city of USA, as only less employees are confined to the IT profession. Only 2% of Honolulu workforce are providing computer related services. Honolulu also has very less rate employment rate in the field of Agriculture, Forestry and Poultry. To be specific only 1 in 1000 employees is working in the field of Agriculture, Forestry and Poultry.

Being a tourist centre, the need for restaurants, hotel and tourist agency is never low in Honolulu. More than 11% of Honolulu’s workforce work in food related services and more than 3% work in transportation services.  All of the above workforce are directly dependant on the tourism.  Apart from tourism, sales-related job is done by over 10% of the workforce. Education related services are provided by over 7.5% of the workforce followed by health care service which is provided by 8% people. Hence, Most of the dominant employment industry of Honolulu is literally dependant on Tourism sector.


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