The Beauty Behind Honolulu

Honolulu is a diverse city with many amazing attractions, with an impressive collection of man-made and natural landmarks that lure tourists to Honolulu living. These places make our city unique as featured in Hawaii news. Planning a visit to Honolulu? These are sites that will leave you with a remarkable experience.


Natural landmarks

Honolulu news contain huge amount of geological and biographical attractions:


Diamond Head

It is a tall hill that dominates the skyline in the island of Oahu and directly behind a hotel row on Waikiki beach. A volcanic cone, this makes it a favorite place to hikers and photographers. At an altitude of over 700ft, visitors enjoy a wide view of Honolulu and the surrounding Pacific Ocean. The native Hawaiians call it Le’Ahi, with a half paved trail that takes hikers to the rim.


Waikiki beach

Honolulu news states that a visit to the island Oahu would not be complete without a visit to Waikiki beach. The beach is right in the middle of Honolulu, it’s popular with locals and tourists. Waikiki beach is a good relaxation spot because it has a variety of bars and restaurants. It’s a recommended vacation spot for families who enjoy outdoor activities like surfing.

Hanauma bay nature preserve

is located near the wonderfully circled-shaped shore on the southeast edge of the bay of Hanauma Bay in east Honolulu, you will see how this wonderful inlet was previously a volcanic crater. Preservation is highlighted after it has went through a process of a vital restoration to take its fragile eco system back. Honolulu Hawaii news has mentioned that protection of the bay is emphasized through short films at the education centre. You can swim into the Hanauma Bay’s transparent azure waters and examine the lively bright reefs that are abundant with colorful fishes.


Man made landmarks

We have the best known attractions that have been created centuries ago.  We have amazing buildings and monuments of modern architecture.


USS Arizona Memorial/WW II Valor in the Pacific National Monument

One of Honolulu’ events, a memorial that commemorates the sinking of the USS Arizona, during the Pearl Harbor incident on December 4th, 1971. The US army joined the war because of this major event. A thousand sailors’ lives were lost on board at that time and it’s a reminder of these brave veterans. It sometimes leaks oil, which is referred to as ‘tears of the USS Arizona’.


There are many more activities that attract tourists such as the exciting Pearl Harbor tour, Oahu diving and Hawaii food tours. These are fun activities that embrace you to Honolulu living and Honolulu events that signify what beauty is all about.


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